JULIE NISKANENTeaching ~ Elementary
Elementary Art
Below you will find examples of art projects from kindergarten through 5th grade.
Animal enlargement painting
This project was done with 4th & 5th grade students. We used a grid to enlarge a close-up photograph of an animal.
Using the grid, they sketched out their composition with pencils. Then they used acrylic paint to paint the animals.
Picasso Portraits
We learned about Picasso and Cubism. The students then created their own Cubist style portraits, combining
various views of the face. This project was done with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders.
Linear Perspective Cityscape
We learned about one-point perspective.
Students used rulers and pencils to draw their cities, then painted them with watercolors.
This project was done with 4th & 5th grade.
Cherry Blossom Scrolls
This was a fun mixed-media project with beautiful results! The backgrounds were created with chalk pastels.
The students chose a few colors and blended them together. Then they painted the branches for their cherry
blossom trees with a brush and India ink. Finally, we used oil pastels to draw the flower blossoms.
Sunset Landscape Painting
We spent one day using watercolor paints to create the sunset background. On our next day we used black acrylic
paint and a bristle brush to create the trees.
We made Thanksgiving turkeys with contstruction paper and a toilet paper tube.
Birds' eye view snowmen: We cut out three different size circles, outlined them with blue crayon, and then
glued them together. We then cut out paper for a scarf, nose, and arms and glued them on.
Finally, we used q-tips and paint to add snow.
Students created polar bears with cotton balls glued onto paper. They painted shadows and snowy backgrounds.
We made our own scratch board! After creating color designs with oil pastels on watercolor paper,
students painted over their designs with black acrylic paint. Once it was dry, they scratched out images.
Egg carton snakes
Students learned how to make cherry blossom trees with a brush and Indian ink.
We made owls out of paper plates.
Fall leaves: We created the black outline by cutting it out of black paper. This was then pressed onto
clear contact paper. We filled the center of the leaves in with colored tissue paper scraps.
These look great hanging up in the window, like stained glass.
Wet chalk drawings on colored paper