Recommended books
The Complete Printmaker
John Ross, Free Press, 1991
The Mezzotint
Carol Wax, Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1990
Printmaking at the Edge
Richard Noyce, A & C Black, 2006
Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques
Ruth Leaf, Dover, 1984
Why Art Cannot Be Taught
James Elkins, University of Illinois Press, 2001
Art Theory and Criticism: An Anthology of Formalist, Avant-Garde,
Contextualist and Post-Modernist Thought

Sally Everett, McFarland & Company, 1991
The End of Art
Donald Kuspit, Cambridge University Press, 2004
Ways of Seeing
John Berger, Penguin, 1990
The Art of Teaching Art
Deborah A. Rockman, Oxford University Press, 2000