Monotype and Collagraph

Monotype: A print where ink is applied to plexiglas (either in an additive or subtractive method) and transferred to paper through the press. Monotypes usually have a more painterly quality to them because of the way the ink is manipulated.

In the subtractive method, a solid layer of ink is rolled onto the plate. Then, using rags, Q-tips, and solvents, the ink is manipulated on the plate. Various textures and values can be achieved in this method. In the additive method, ink is applied to the plate with paint brushes or other tools.

          Collagraph: A print that is made from a textured plate (sintra or polystyrene plastic, mat board, or wood). Various acrylic mediums (molding paste, matte medium, gloss medium), fabrics, grit, thin papers, and many other things can be used to create the plate.          
Emily Cummings applying ink to a plexiglas
plate for a monotype print.
Susan Goldman pulling a monotype print after
running it through the press.
These pictures were taken at Frogman's Press & Gallery workshops.